New China’s Diplomatic Achievements (1949-1979)


  • Marine Jibladze Free University of Tbilisi


New China, diplomacy, foreign policy, Zhou Enlai


China is a powerful and influential country in the world and one of the major players in global politics nowadays, which has achieved significant success in the fields of economics and international affairs by the thoroughly calculated steps. Together with it, China’s opinion and attitude to various international issues are worthy of consideration for every state. It is noteworthy that the foundation of all those achievements was laid thanks to Zhou Enlai’s farsightedness. While the first task of the New China 1949, i.e., the People’s Republic of China,   was to gain world recognition, he made the greatest effort and worked very hard for China to achieve the above status. In those difficult times, Zhou not only saved China but actually forced the world to recognize it and look up to it. Zhou had to act in the difficult reality of the struggle of powers, but with his diplomatic prudence and consistency, he did not get used to such struggle. On the contrary, he set an example of how tactics could be a better servant than force if a person can think of them.

This article presents the concrete achievements, tactics used and steps taken that laid the foundation for the Chinese Diplomatic School.



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