Georgia in the Context of Chinese Media


  • Marine Jibladze Free University of Tbilisi


Georgia, China, mass media, notoriety, South Caucasus.


This article focuses on media outlets operating within the Chinese media landscape and conducts an extensive investigation into the modes, quantity, content, and intensity of information about Georgia in China. Our analysis encompasses the configuration of Georgia’s image and positioning, with the ultimate goal of charting pathways for enhancing awareness about Georgia in the foreseeable future.

The analysis aims to shed light on how Georgia has been depicted in Chinese media and uncover the primary factors and narratives influencing the perception of Georgia among the Chinese audience. By providing insight into the dynamics of Georgia’s portrayal in Chinese media, this article lays the groundwork for future in-depth research on the topic, contributing to a more comprehensive discussion on the representation of nations in the international media sphere.

The significance of this paper stems from the imperative to deepen inter-country relations and amplify awareness about Georgia.



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Jibladze, Marine. 2023. “Georgia in the Context of Chinese Media”. Free University Journal of Asian Studies, no. 5 (December). Tbilisi.