About the Journal

“Free University Journal of Asian Studies” is a bilingual, scientific publication of the Free University Center for the Study of Arab Countries and the Islamic World. The aim of the Journal is knowledge sharing, scientific innovations, and access to the latest research in the field of Oriental Studies and International Relations.

The Journal gives an opportunity to the professors, teachers, and young researchers of the Free University of Tbilisi, as well as to the leading and young scholars of other Universities to publish the results of their research.

The Journal is important for the development of Oriental Studies and International Relations. It is the best way for the scientific growth of researchers. It is focused on innovations, assessment of the cultural-historical heritage, East-West relations, and understanding of the scientific materials through the latest research methods.

The area of subjects is extensive: Georgian-Eastern relations – Linguistics, Old, Medieval and Modern History, Literature, Oriental Philology, Historiography and Source Studies, Culturology, International Relations, and Religious Studies. The above listed include Semitology, Old East, Complex Study of Arab Countries and the Islamic World, Indo-European Studies (Iranian and Indian Studies), Turkish, Central Asian Studies, Caucasus and Near East, Problems of Modern History, International Relations, Diplomacy, Middle and Far East (China, Japan, Korea, Ocean Pacific Area Studies).

The Journal will also publish scientific materials and reviews.

The Journal’s editorial board will select for publishing innovative, scientifically valuable articles. Before publishing, the articles will be sent to independent, anonymous reviewers to assess. Positive reviews will ensure its reliability.


ISSN E: 2667-9531