The Importance of the Syrian Issue for the Euro-Atlantic Security Environment


  • Elene Svianadze Free University of Tbilisi


Assad’s regime, Euro-Atlantic security, war in Ukraine, Arab League, Syria’s return to Arab League.


The ongoing armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine has caused significant changes in the security environment of Europe. This affected not only the European continent but also those regions where the Kremlin is distributing its influence. Simultaneously, western decision-makers are more concentrated on the conflict within Europe and, thus, less involved in other regions.

In this context, the reception of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad at the Arab League summit and the step towards the stabilization of relations with Syria is worth noting event. Generally, the Syrian conflict is a playground for the world’s most influential political actors. While oppositional forces are mostly supported by Western states, engaged in an 11-year civil war and isolated from the West and the majority of the Middle East, the Assad regime is heavily dependent on Russian state funding and military aid. With that, a twist in the Syrian political direction that we see today in the form of an attempt to restore relations with the Arab states may indicate a decrease in Iranian-Russian influence in the region.

The present work is devoted to the analysis of the causes and possible consequences of these events. The article assesses the impact of the ongoing war in Ukraine on the Syrian issue. In addition, the paper discusses the importance of Syria for the Euro-Atlantic space in the context of security and the supply of energy resources and the extent to which it is necessary to put the issue of this region on the agenda for the West. The article also analyzes the results of the present actions and possible steps taken by the Euro-Atlantic states and evaluates the future perspectives. The work is an attempt to find an answer to the question: does the normalization of relations with Syria mean accepting Bashar al-Assad as a partner or legitimizing his regime, and what kind of opportunities does this situation give to the West to pursue its interests?



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