International Lexis of Arabic Origin


  • Guram Chikovani


Arabic lexis, race, Egypt, algorithm, traffic


Arab (Islamic) and Western (Christian) worlds have centuries-old and multilateral cultural-historical relations. The main place among them belongs to linguistic connections. Many Arabic words are found in Georgian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian and other languages. Many of them are known in almost every language of the world, mainly in Asia and Europe, as a common term or expression. Frequently some words are so much altered that it is difficult to determine its etymology. Nevertheless, there are many words of Arabic origin recorded in etymological dictionaries. There are frequent inaccuracies that require amendment. While working on the issue of Arabic lexis in the Georgian language, I had an idea of ??identifying and studying the words that are universal and heard every day, but their Arabic origin remains out of our attention.

Some of these words are presented in this article. In the future, I have an intention to continue working on the issue in the scope of a scientific project.



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