Rare and endangered shrubs of Georgia (Caucasus) and their regional assessment according to IUCN categories and criteria


  • N. Lachashvili, K. Kereselidze, M. Kikvidze


Shrub, Taxon, Cheklist, IUCN categories and criteria, References to taxsonomy, Assessment argumentation.


Rare and endangered shrubs of the flora of Georgia have been evinced. Their checklist is provided below, which includes 100 species.Regional (Georgia) assessment was carried out for each species according to IUCN categories and criteria. In particular, 8 specieswere assessed as critically endangered (CR), 6 as endangered (EN), 11 as vulnerable (VU), and 17 as near threatened (NT). Due to thelack of data, 58 species could not be evaluated and at this stage they were assessed as data definicient (DD). Most of these species arenarrow endemics of Georgia and the Caucasus. The basionyms and key synonyms of the species, the reference to taxonomy, assessmentargumentation and the reference used in species assessment are given in the checklist; The endemics are marked with conditional signs.